Keeping Scotland's Produce Fresher For Longer


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Hotels and Restaurants

The benefits to the hotel and restaurant industry come under three main headings:

  • Energy savings
  • Reducing the cost of produce
  • Health and safety

All professional, quality Scottish hotels and restaurants spend a great deal of time, effort and money on sourcing the freshest produce available and serving it as fresh is possible. Humitech greatly enables this by keeping the perishable produce fresher for longer which saves you money and reduces food wastage. Humitech panels will also guarantee a reduction in energy usage as it reduces the compressor recycle rate by 50%.
In terms of health and safety we found, through market research, that a number of hotels and restaurants have problems with water leaking in their fridges; this is a serious health and safety issue. Our unique mineral panels prevent water spillage due to the controlling of the humidity inside the fridge and the increased efficiency of the fridge overall.

Other benefits include;

  • Lowers the temperature of your fridge saving up to 15% on energy
  • Extends the life of all perishables in the fridge from 50% to 100%
  • Reduces the risk of cross contamination from bacteria
  • Reduces odours in your fridge
  • Cuts the recycle rate of the compressor by 50%
  • Reduces downtime and maintenance on the compressor
  • Reduces meat shrinkage and keeps meat fresher longer
  • Keeps food fresher up to 12 hours after a power cut.
  • Reduces the risk of accidents from slipping on wet floors

“We would recommend Humitech to anyone involved in catering – there is nothing to lose and plenty to gain.”

Gina Giubarelli – Bellini, Edinburgh.

“I do not understand why anyone would not want to use Humitech"

Paul Mattison – Reform Restaurant Edinburgh.