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Humitech Scotland - Humidity Control

Helping protect you, your produce and the environment 

Exclusive to Humitech

Welcome to Humitech Scotland, the environmental company that helps protect Scotland’s beautiful landscape and agriculture. Scotland is famous for its rich culture and in particular the quality of its food, drink and produce.

This is why, we at Humitech provide a product that protects and preserves these things.  Humitech Scotland’s proprietary product is a humidity control panel made of Sorbite, a 100% natural mineral compound, which was found over 30 years ago in a mine located in Southern Nevada in the USA. It has proven to be the only site in the world where Sorbite can be found.

Humitech’s unique natural panel technology absorbs humidity and reduces the temperature in walk in and upright fridges. It preserves and protects a variety of fresh produce and is of huge benefit to anyone who cares about the food they serve and eat. All suppliers, chefs and restaurateurs that pride themselves on the quality and condition of their produce require Humitech products.

There are also domestic products available for people who care about the food they eat and serve to their family and friends. We all need to play a part in protecting Scotland’s environmental future so do your part and order your Humitech panel and associated products today.