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“I would recommend them to anyone who cares about the quality of food they serve.” Craig Dunn - Head Chef Langs Hotel Glasgow.

“Does exactly what it said it would!” Duncan Gibson – Glenfinnan House Hotel, Glenfinnan.

Our product is based on a very special and unique mineral called Sorbite, which is packed in special plastic panels for use in a refrigerated environment. This unique mineral has the ability to control the relative humidity in any refrigerated environment by absorbing and desorbing moisture.
The product offers significant economic benefits from increasing the storage life of all perishables in your fridge to reducing odours and the spread of bacteria. The unique mineral will keep your walk-in fridge or domestic fridge colder and cleaner through its ability to absorb up to 48% of its own weight in moisture. It will also absorb and trap odours and bacteria from the circulating air, therefore keeping your fridge and produce completely fresh.
It will control the optimal Humidity level inside the fridge by its constant ability to automatically absorb excess moisture in the air and then exude that moisture when the air is getting too dry. This allows the fridge to maintain the “ideal humidity” for the storage of perishable goods.
It has no moving parts, does not need batteries, takes nothing from the environment and gives back everything. The Sorbite mineral is a 100% naturally-occurring mineral, mined from a secret location in Nevada and there is only one known source of it in the world. The Humitech panel is exclusive - there is no other product with the same benefits on the market today.
Humitech products are guaranteed to save you money and wasted produce in your walk-in or domestic fridge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.